When it comes to utilization selecting the appropriate time frame can give you insights into how much your instruments are being used. The steps outlined below will get you started on selecting the correct time frame for you.


Login and access your settings.

When you login there will be a navigation bar at the top of your screen. Click on the bar and select Utilization. 

The Utilization app allows you to see in one place utilization metrics for your instruments.

From the picture above it can be seen that in the span of 4 weeks the first instrument was used 24% of the time and the last instrument was used 56% of the time. Lets see what happens when you select only one week from the “Time Frame drop down menue” at the top of the page. As you can see the instrument on top of the list has run just 18% of the time this past week, however the instrument at the bottom of the list has been heavily utilized at 100% of the time.

Changing time frames is critical in understanding how your equipment is used. Below are more useful links to tutorials that could be helpful in getting the most out of your TetraScience platform.

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