When generation utilization reports, you may want to capture a short explanation of why certain instruments are utilized more or less than others. TetraScience provides a note-taking function to ensure that you can capture the most accurate utilization report possible.

Creating a Note

In the 'Utilization' view click on the sticky note icon to the left of the instrument name. as shown below:

And add your note in the pop-up:


Some examples of information that would go in notes are:

  • "This instrument used for X purpose only." -- If you have an instrument dedicated to an important workflow that must be isolated, utilization may be low, comparable to other instruments, but obviously, this does not mean that that instrument should be retired.
  • "This instrument down for service 4/1 - 5/1." -- If you have an instrument that has been out of service for extended periods, this is good to call out. It might be good to generate a report that excludes this time period for reference.
  • "This instrument will be used for new development project starting 7/1." ¬†-- If there is planned heavy use of an instrument, after a given reporting period, it may be helpful to note this.¬†

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