The top nav provides various ways of accessing TetraScience applications. The Select App button, located in the top nav bar, offers a dropdown menu of all applications currently available to a user. 

The Top Nav buttons offer quick navigation from screen to screen. By clicking on one of the app buttons listed in the menu or along the nav bar, the screen should reload instantly to display the selected product.

The Select App

The Select App dropdown provides users with quick means to access a variety of TetraScience applications. 

Select App buttons

Device Panels

Formally known as All Devices, the Device Panels screen exhibits all current device panels correlated with an organization

Lab Monitoring

The Lab Monitoring button redirects the user to the Lab Monitoring screen


The Utilization button redirects the user to the Utilization screen


The Alerts button redirects the user to the Alerts screen, where a log of all previously triggered alerts can be viewed. 


The Journal button redirects the user to the Journal screen, a log of all organization activity. 


The Settings button redirects the user to the My Profile screen. From here, the My Organization screen and Help screen may also be accessed.

Top Nav buttons

Located in the right hand corner of the top nav bar, the buttons each represent a different screen. 

Top Nav buttons - detail

Device Panels 

The Device Panels button redirects to the Device Panels screen. The device display is dependent upon which device group is selected. To view all devices within an organization, click 'All Devices' in the left sidebar of device groups. 

Lab Monitoring 

The Lab Monitoring button redirects to the Lab Monitoring screen. The display depends upon whether a device group or All Devices is selected from the left nav. 

Utilization Reporting

The Utilization Reporting button redirects to Utilization screen

Alerts Screen

The Alert screen button redirects to the Alerts screen, which displays a log of all previously triggered alerts. 

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