The My Organization screen allows organization administrators to configure organization-level settings, such as:

  • Creating teams of users.
  • Creating device groups. 
  • Arranging team visibility into certain device groups. 
  • Inviting new users. 
  • Manage general organization information. 
  • Configure alert recipients. 

What you see on this screen depends on whether you're an admin or a member of your organization.

For users, the My Organization screen provides visibility into all other org members and all org devices.

Administrator view 

1A. Administrator view of the default My Organization screen, Users view.

Screen actions 

  • Invite users - administrators can add users to an organization by sending prospective users invites

1B. Administrator view of the My Organization screen, Devices view.

Org administrators are able to edit Device Groups and create Device Groups

Member view 

 2A. Member view the My Organization screen.

While functionality is limited, users are still offered a glimpse into all other members of that organization.

2B. Member view of the My Organization screen, under Devices view.

Members are able to view all current organization devices.

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