The Lab Monitoring screen allows you to get a full view of the current status of devices within your organization.

Because of its at-a-glance character, Lab Monitoring is a great screen to display on a television or to bookmark in your browser for quick viewing. 

All devices display on the Lab Monitoring screen, apart from the following:

  • Power meters
  • Utilization meters

Device list

Each row on the Lab Monitoring display reflects a single device. Three columns persist: 

  • Device name
  • Device status
  • Current device feed values

The devices in the list are sorted from top to bottom by current alert/online status in the following order.

  1. Alert (red): The device is outside of the tolerable threshold, and you have not yet acknowledged the alert.
  2. Over/Under (red): The device is outside of the tolerable threshold, and you have acknowledged the alert.
  3. Ok (green) / Offline (white): The device is either online and not alerting, or is offline.

Viewing specific device groups

The device groups list is accessible on the left side of the screen in the same way as it is on the device panels screen.

If a device group is selected but does not contain compatible devices, the display will appear empty, with note reading: 'No instruments to monitor.'


Alerts may be set on the Lab Monitoring screen, as well as acknowledged once triggered. Since all alerts start at the device level, alerts previously set on the Device Panels screen will also display on the Lab Monitoring screen. 

If a device is in a triggered state, the entire row for that device will turn red and an 'Acknowledge' button will display on the right side of the device row. The alert button will also flash, displaying an alert counter in the top navigation.

Once you acknowledge the alert, and the field is within the acceptable parameters again, the device row will return to its default appearance with a white background and a status of 'OK', indicating it is no longer in a triggered state. 

If still in a triggered state, the device row text will display red. 

Regardless of the device row state, the alert button will display as Edit if there is one or more alerts set, or as Add an Alert if there aren't any alerts set. 

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