The Journal is a virtual log book that stores all user data, including previous alerts set, triggered and acknowledged. All saved data displays from streaming devices is also, by default, stored in the Journal for future reference. 

Display content and visibility 

For both administrators and members alike, only activity relating to the user will display in the Journal. This means that activity by members of an organization will not display in an organization administrator's Journal. 

The only exception to this is alerting, which offers the following two conditions: 

  1. Send Alert to selected Teams 
  2. Send Alert to all users

Under these two conditions, alert logs will display for multiple users due to the alert being set for and received by multiple recipients. These two conditions can only be set by an organization administrator. 

Navigating to the Journal screen

There are several ways to access the Journal screen. 

'Select App'

Located in the top nav bar, the Select App dropdown button results in a menu of options. The Journal icon should be visible within the menu, displaying as a book icon. 

Device Panel Journal 'Save' Button

On the power streaming graph, toward the top center, there is a black button with the image of a floppy disk. This is the journal 'save' button. If you click the Journal 'save' button, a modal will appear and if you click the 'Journal' button. 

General Functionality

Search Bar

The search bar can be used to navigate through stored data. 

Download All Visible Logs

Located in the top right corner beside the alert button, the Download All Visible Logs button results in a comprehensive CSV download, displaying all visible data. 

'More' Button

To expand the data display, click the 'More' button at the base of the log entries. 

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