The Device Panels screen displays all your organization's devices that are currently connected to TetraScience. Each device has a device panel, which displays information, including metadata about the device. 

If you have more than 10 devices in your organization, pagination will occur at the base of the screen. This allows for more feasible viewing.

You can search your devices to find a specific one and you can create groups of devices called "device groups."

Device panels

A device panel displays information relevant to a particular device. This information includes:

  • Device name and device driver information
  • Current feed values
  • Real-time trend of feed values

From the Device Panels screen, you are able to:

  • Analyze data
  • Export data
  • Set up and modify alert triggers
  • Share a specific device

Device Groups

Device groups are displayed along the left column. By clicking on a device group, a new view renders over the previous, displaying all device panels consolidated within that device group. 

Clicking 'All Devices' displays all device panels for all devices within an organization. 

The + New Device Group button results in a text box that allows the user to enter in a new device group name. Once you create a device group, it should display immediately in the the list of device groups. 


Users can also quickly locate specific devices using search box in the right corner of the screen. 

Search criteria can be altered by clicking on the Name button along the left side of the search box. 

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