What is Team visibility?

Device Groups can have their visibility feature set to one of two conditions: either all users in the org or to a specific Team or Teams. 

If visibility is set to a specific Team, only that Team (or Teams) and the org administrators may view that particular Device Group. Anyone not a member of the Team will not have access. 

How to set Team visibility - My Organization

Precondition: must first create a Team and a Device Group. 

  1. Navigate to the My Organization screen.
  2. Click Devices
  3. Click Team Visibility. A modal titled 'Device Group' should appear.
  4. Select Grant Visibility to selected teams. A dropdown menu should appear. 
  5. Select the teams you wish to grant visibility to by clicking on the Visibility (eye) button.

To remove Team visibility 

  1. Click on the desired Team from the 'My Organization' screen.
  2. Once the modal opens, click Visible Device Groups button. 
  3. To remove Device Group visibility, click on green Toggle Visibility button for the particular Device Group. 
  4. The Device Group should return to it's pre-visible state, with the button returning to its white appearance. 

To learn more about editing Device Groups, please visit Editing Device Groups.

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