What are user permissions?

Users are allotted certain permissions based upon their role within as organization. A user may have one of two roles:

  • Administrator 
  • Member

A user's position within the organization is determined by the organization administrator. Members may be promoted to administrators and vice versa. 

Administrator Permissions 

The organization administrator has a much broader role than that of the member. Key permissions include:

  • Inviting new members. 
  • Promoting new members. 
  • Editing instrument information. 
  • Setting global alerts. 
  • Creating Device Groups and Teams
  • Setting Device Group visibility to certain Teams. 

Member Permissions

Much of a member's permissions are pre-designated by the organization administrator. This include device visibility. 

  • Set individual alert(s). 
  • Observe device panel readings (dependent upon pre-set visibility). 
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