After creating a device, editing functionality can be achieved in two ways. 

Editing from the My Organization screen

  1. Navigate to the My Organization screen.
  2. Click on Devices.
  3. Observe the 'Edit Device Group' section under the 'Device Group' header.
  4. Rename, Devices and Team Visibility all invoke the same modal, where all the aforementioned Device Group components can be edited.
  5. Click Done once complete. 

Editing from the Device Group panel on All Devices

  1. Navigate to the All Devices screen. 
  2. Click on the Device Group name listed under the Device Panels panel. 
  3. The Device Group page should display.
  4. Click Edit Device Group
  5. An 'Edit [Device Group Name]' modal should appear. 
  6. By clicking Name this device group, the user can edit the Device Group name. 
  7. By clicking Select devices in this device group, the user can select devices to add or remove. 
  8. By clicking Choose who can see these devices, the user can select whether the Device Group is visible to all users or selected teams. 
  9. Once editing is complete, click Done
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