What are Teams? 

  • Teams are comprised of selected users within an org.
  • Only org administrators may create Teams. 
  • Teams may be of any size.
  • Users may be removed or added to a team at any time by the org administrator.
  • Teams may have visibility into certain Device Groups. Visibility is also determined by org administrators.
  • Device alerts may be set directly for specific teams 

What is Team visibility in a Device Group?

Device Groups can be viewed under one of two selected conditions: either by all users or by a specific Team or Teams. 

To learn more about setting up Team visibility for a Device group, please visit Setting Team visibility for a Device Group

To learn more about editing Device Groups in general, please visit Editing Device Groups.

How to create a Team

Precondition: must be an org administrator. 

How to create a Team via the My Organization screen

  1. Navigate to the 'My Organization' screen by clicking on the profile picture icon in the top right corner. 
  2. Once on the 'My Organization' screen, click the + Add A Team button. 
  3. A modal should appear with a text box and titled Teams. Within the text box, enter the name of your new Team and click the checkbox on the far right. 
  4. Click the Create Team button.
  5. A second modal should appear, displaying a list of Users In My Organization. Click the plus icon to add users to Users in "[Team Name]", the opposing column. 
  6. To remove users added by accident, simply click the minus icon from the Users in "[Team Name]" column. 
  7. Once you have completed your Team, simply click outside the modal to save. Your newly created Team should display immediately under the Teams section. 
  8. To re-access a Team, simply click on the newly created Team. 

How to create a Team via the Device Group screen

Precondition: must have Device Groups already created. 

  1. Navigate to the 'All Devices' screen and click on a pre-made Device Group. 
  2. The Device Group screen should load, displaying devices currently in that Device Group. 
  3. Click on the Edit Device Group button.
  4. A Device Group modal should appear. Click Choose who can see these devices. A dropdown should appear. 
  5. Click Add a new Team. A second modal should appear. 
  6. Click the red Name Your Team text to induce a text box. Type in your Team name and then click the check box. 
  7. Once the check box is clicked, a dropdown should appear displaying a list of users currently in the org. Click the blue add button to add users. 
  8. Click All Finished! once you're done. 

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