What are device groups?

Device groups are specified collections of org devices.

What is the purpose of device groups?

Device groups are used to consolidate devices into specified units, as determined by an org administrator. Team visibility can then be set, enabling only certain users access to the device group. 

To learn more about editing device groups, please visit Editing Device Groups.

What is device group visibility?

Device group visibility pertains to one of two states; either the device group can be seen by all users or the device group is designated to a specific group or groups. 

How to create device groups

Precondition: in order to create a device group, you must be an organization administrator. 

Creating device groups from the Device Panels screen

  1. Navigate to the Device Panels screen by clicking on the TetraScience logo in the left hand corner or by clicking on the 'Device Panels' icon along the nav bar. 
  2. In the device group panel along the lefthand side of the screen, click the Add Device Group button. 
  3. A text box should immediately appear. Type in your device group name and click the small check mark button on the right to save. 
  4. Once you click save, the page should redisplay to show the device group screen. 
  5. Click Edit Device Group along the top nav of the screen. 
  6. A device group modal should appear. Click Select devices in this device group
  7. A second modal should appear. Click the blue plus icon to add devices. 
  8. Once finished, click Done. This should close to the device modal. 
  9. Once you've finished editing your device group, click the X button in the top right hand corner. This should close the edit device group modal. 

Creating Device Groups on the My Organization screen

  1. Navigate to the 'My Organization' screen by clicking on the profile picture icon in the top right corner. 
  2. On the left side of the page, identify and click the Devices button. Once clicked, the screen should switch from User Groups to Device Groups
  3. In the Device Groups section, click the + Add A Device Group button. 
  4. A modal titled Device Groups should appear with a text space. In the text space, enter a name. Once completed, click the check box. 
  5. Click Create Device Group
  6. Once clicked, the modal should reload to display a list Devices In My Organization. To add devices, click the plus icon beside each desired device. 
  7. Once the plus icon has been clicked, the device should relocate to the second column titled Devices in [Device Group Name] to the right. 
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