Understanding core TetraScience concepts can aid in better use of the software. 


Organizations are fundamentally composed of users and devices. Users may be organized and consolidated into teams, while devices can be consolidated into device groups.

Teams may be given visibility into certain device groups, while organization administrators - one of two user membership roles available to users - can view all device groups within an organization. The creation of teams and device groups can only be carried out by an organization administrator

Device groups

Device groups are collections of devices, consolidated by an organization administrator. 

They can be created on either the Device Panels screen or the My Organization screen

Once created, an organization administrator can assign team visibility or make the groups visible to all members of the organization. 


Teams are created by organization administrator and are composed of selected users. The purpose of teams is to consolidate alerting and device viewing to specified users. 

Team visibility can be set on both device groups and on alerts. This is determined by the organization administrator. If a team has visibility into device group, this does not mean they will automatically receive an alert each time one is set. 

Team alerts have to be set manually. 

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