TetraScience allows you to configure alert triggers that will trigger when the conditions you define are met. 

When an alert is triggered, you and other users will receive notifications (e.g., SMS, email, phone call) in accordance with the notification preferences you configured for the trigger. All text-based alert notifications (e.g., SMS and email) contain a link to the TetraScience Dashboard to acknowledge the alert. 

When you acknowledge an alert, you let your colleagues know that you're "on it" and that a fix is underway.

Acknowledge alerts

To acknowledge an alert:

  1. Open the notification message you received from TetraScience and locate the URL that begins with
  2. Click on the link. If you are not already logged into the TetraScience Dashboard, you will need to log in.
  3. Click on the flashing red bell icon in the right navigation. A popup menu opens. A If the bell icon in the right navigation is not red and flashing, one of your colleagues may have already acknowledged the alert.
  4. Click on the Acknowledge button associated with the red alert at the top of the popup window. The alert enters an acknowledged state.

Explore alerts

To explore previously triggered alerts:

  1. Click on the bell icon in the right navigation of the TetraScience Dashboard. A popup menu opens.
  2. Click on View All Alerts at the bottom of the popup menu. The Alerts screen appears.
  3. Locate the alert of interest.
  4. Click on the More Info button to learn more about who received the alert or click the Go To Incident button to view the device panel zoomed into the time that that the trigger condition for the alert was met.

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