The Lab Monitoring screen permits a constant view into the condition and alerting state of compatible devices.  

Lab Monitoring display

Lab Monitoring offers a variety of features to maximize device visibility.

All Devices and Device Groups

  • The Device Group left nav panel should display on the Lab Monitoring screen. 
  • By clicking on All Devices, all devices compatible with Lab Monitoring should display.
  • By clicking on any listed Device Group, the display will either update to show compatible devices within that Device Group or will display the following message: 'No Instruments to Monitor.' 

Lab Monitoring alerting

Set an alert

  1. Click Add Alert for the device you wish to set an alert for. 
  2. An Alert Management modal should appear. 
  3. Click +Add New Alert.
  4. The modal display should alter to reveal fields for setting the new alert. 
  5. Fill in the information and select a delivery mode. 
  6. Once finished, click +Create Alert.
  7. The modal should retract. A green success notey should appear from the top of the screen, stating, 'Trigger Updated.' 

Acknowledge an alert

  • Once an alert has triggered, the device row should alter to display red with a large 'Acknowledge' button in the far right of the device row. 
  • The alert button should also flash red and display an alert count. 
  • Click the 'Acknowledge' button the device row. 
  • If the alert is still above the alerting threshold, the device row text will remain red. 
  • If the alert has returned to it's default, pre-triggered state, the device row text will display green. 

Click a device row to invoke the Device Panel

  • A modal should appear, displaying the Device Panel.

Using the search bar

  • Users can search for a specific device by entering the Device Name.

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