Before you begin

You will need to download the app and sign into your account.

Android download

iOS download

1. Have your WiFi network SSID and password available.

2. Enable bluetooth on your smartphone.

3. Plug in your Link, attach the WiFi antenna, and let these power up. You will see the green light on the side turn on.

4. Press and hold the green button until it starts blinking- this puts the link in 'provisioning mode.'

Note that if you have an older generation link, you will need an external bluetooth adapter.

Getting Started

1. Open the app and login. You will see a list of Links available over bluetooth. Select the one you want to connect. (In most cases, there will only be one choice). The name that shows up should be the same as the name on the front of your device.

Setting Up WiFi:

2. Once you are connected to the link, select the bar ('No Wi-Fi connection' in this picture). If this is your first time setting up WiFi, it should always say 'No Wi-Fi connection', but if you are changing WiFi networks, it will show the current network.

3. This will bring up the list of available WiFi networks - select the one you want and enter the password

4. You should now be connected! If you have not yet activated your device, proceed to device activation.

Device Activation

5. If this is your first time using the device (and you are the device owner) return to the Link Settings and hit 'activate' at the bottom. This will assign the device to your user account. Once activated, you can begin using the device - set sharing permissions, alerts and download data.

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