TetraScience provides equipment monitoring solutions using 3rd party sensors. The data reported by these sensors is sometimes different than what is reported on the equipment display (i.e. the LCD screen on a freezer or incubator.) This does not mean the sensor is broken! But you might see some of the following differences:

  1. In fridges and freezers, temperature changes of +/- 5-10 C.
  2. In incubators, CO2 readings that are off as much as 5%

Here are some possible reasons why:

  1. Sensor Placement - The temperature profile in most storage equipment is not uniform- most of us never think about this, but the upper shelves will always be warmer. The sensors that come with the freezers are usually installed in places that are inaccessible to someone performing a TetraScience installation. The same applies to incubators and other storage equipment.
  2. Responsivity - Your TetraScience sensors may respond faster, or, occasionally, slower than the built-in sensors in your equipment. We can't be sure what type of sensors you have in your equipment, but they will often be different than what we install. We might catch smaller variations in temperature-- this is normal, and does not mean your equipment is unstable.
  3. Equipment Problems -  We have had several customers identify problems with their incubator CO2 display calibration after having the TetraScience monitoring system installed. We have confirmed that this is the case by checking the CO2 concentration with a sensor from Vaisala, Inc. -- Vaisala sensors are the gold standard for this type of CO2 measurement. 
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